So I’m looking at all the other sites on the web where people post rants all the time…

…and they’re all really good and well designed and most of them update their pages really often, so I’m feeling quite a bit of penis envy toward them right now.

I haven’t posted a rant in over a month, and I haven’t written one in even longer than that. I’m very depressed about my lack of creativity. You know, I’ve always said that the one thing I miss about being in school is that my unhappiness there forced me to write. Writing was my escape, and it was beautiful. Now life is too easy, I’ve been out of school over two years now, and I don’t have that spark in me anymore. I don’t need to write to relieve myself of stress because frankly I live a stress-free life.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten a job, and it’s bothering me. I want to be a web designer. But my sites just aren’t good enough yet. I need to find my niche on the web. I need to figure out what I can do better than anyone else.

You know what my most popular web page is? Quote of the Moment. It’s one page. It has a random quote on it. That’s it. The page averages just under a thousand hits a day. Meanwhile, Clip Art is lucky to get above fifty hits a day, and most of my other pages average out to about one hit per day. How lame is that? The one thing I ever did right was something for which I did very little. Simplicity triumphed. But web designers don’t get hired for their simple sites. They get hired for their sophisticated sites–sites that are full of vibrant images and lengthy content.

Actually, while writing this, I received a letter from a delighted fan of Clip Art. Of course, she found it through the link on Quote of the Moment. Maybe there’s a market in that.

I’m prob’ly going to overhaul Igno-Rant and Clip Art. I’m tired of the lack of interest. The public has spoken. They’ve told me I’m not giving them what they want, so I’m going to turn around and give them what they want. I just need a little time to work on it. I need to know what I’m doing before I start. I need to build the site that people want to see.

Right now I’m going to sleep. Hopefully I’ll dream of the perfect web site. Even so, it might always be a dream.

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