So there’s this phone called the Motorola T193m.

According to Motorola, the phone is available with both T-Mobile (formerly VoiceStream) and Cingular, it’s relatively small and lightweight, and it has GPRS for high-speed internet access.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile doesn’t list the phone on their site at all (although the original VoiceStream site does), and Cingular offers the phone but won’t let me choose any internet options for it. Other sites like GetConnected and offer the phone (for free, after rebate), but they don’t offer the internet options either.

Meanwhile, Motorola claims that the phone is 3.3 inches tall, while the other sites say it’s 4.7 or 4.1 inches tall. Judging from the ratio of its height to its width (because they all agree that it’s either 1.7 or 1.8 inches wide), I’d say it’s about 4.3 inches tall. But I think the only way to know would be to see it in person.

And of course, the only way to actually purchase the phone and internet service for it at the same time would be to go to a store and do it in person, since the web sites either a) don’t offer the phone, or b) don’t offer the internet service.

So although all of these companies have gone to a lot of trouble to make it possible to purchase a wireless phone and service over the web, I still need to make a trip to the store if I decide to get a new wireless phone. Arrgh!

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