December 2002

The break room here at work is about eighty degrees. No one knows why. The entire building is air-conditioned, and the rest of the building is around room temperature (like it should be), but for some reason the break room is consistently much hotter, even when no one is in it. It makes me wonder if our real business is refining plutonium in the break room.

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The PaperPalm is so cute! I want to get one for my mom. She could tease my dad with it. Her Palm would be faster, more reliable, lighter, less expensive, and easier to use than his. Ha ha.

The power supply in my computer blew a transistor, so I replaced it. Then I realized that the CPU had been fried, so I replaced that. Then I realized that the motherboard was also fried, so I returned the CPU and power supply, and began seeking out a whole new computer.

I bought a “barebones” computer (just a case, power supply, and motherboard) from Fry’s, a big hard drive, and a cheap CPU, and built myself a new computer. The case was really cool, but one of the components on the motherboard (namely the video card) was apparently not compatible with Windows XP, so the computer kept getting “the blue screen of death.” In retrospect, I think the blue screen wasn’t caused by the incompatible video card, but rather by some kind of electrical issue. Still, I wasn’t going to be able to troubleshoot the problem successfully, so I took apart the computer and returned it to Fry’s. Did I mention how much I love Fry’s return policy? Well, I do.

Then I went over to Micro Center to look at pr

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