February 2003

I took the toll road to Amanda’s house last night. The toll road is nicer because it goes through the hills and contains few cars. The sky was starting to get really dark, but you could still tell that it was overcast, and the air was very still. It was Enya weather. So I decided to listen to Watermark for the whole trip.

The song “Exile” (which is track five on the album) was used in L.A. Story to signify rain. Sure enough, when I reached track five, it started to rain. It was very beautiful.

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I was home alone tonight, watching “Jeopardy,” because that’s how lame I am. The category was state capitals, and the answer for $400 was, “It’s name means red stick.”

So I said, out loud, in a thick, fake French accent, “Baton Rouge!” (Take a moment and picture me doing this, out loud, all alone in my apartment.)

Then Alex called on the contestant who buzzed in first, and he said “Baton Rouge” in the exact same thick, fake French accent.

It was funny. Never mind.

This morning I had coffee, so I was hyper. As a result, I emailed my ex-girlfriends.

I emailed Emily to ask her what’s up and if she wants to hang out sometime next week. We usually go for coffee once every two years, and I think it’s about time. She’s really fun to sit and talk to because she has something interesting to say about every topic imaginable. She’s also an eloquent speaker, so it’s enjoyable just to listen to her speak. Actually, I asked if she wants to go thrift store shopping in Long Beach instead of just getting coffee. She always finds the coolest stuff. I’d love to get back into that. I mean, it makes sense to pay $5 for a real vintage t-shirt instead of $25 for a designer “vintage” t-shirt.

Then I emailed Lindsay to ask her why the heck she was in San Jose last weekend. I know she wasn’t visiting Traci, but I can’t imagine why else anyone would want to go to San Jose. It’s sad, because Lindsay totally missed her chance to hang out with me. I was going to stop in Santa Barbara on my way back from San Jose, but she wasn’t there. She was in San Jose. Stupid Lindsay. Now she’ll have to drive down to L.A. if she wants to hang out with me.

I also emailed Claire. I didn’t actually say anything in the email. I just sent her this graphic.

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Traci supposedly works at the largest Barnes & Noble in California. She was supposed to take Amie and I there sometime while we were visiting her, but she didn’t, so I think she was lying. In fact, I bet she doesn’t even work at Barnes & Noble. I bet she actually works at Borders now but is ashamed to admit it.

Apparently my company doesn’t want anyone to feel left out on Valentine’s Day, so they gave every employee a little gift.

Actually, it’s kind of a big gift. They gave us each an overnight kit with our company logo on the front, and they attached a heart-shaped keychain which is imprinted, “From the bottom of our hearts.”

Inside the overnight kit, there’s a bag of “Utz” potato chips, a bag of M&Ms, a package of Twizzlers, a 3 Musketeers bar, a Hershey bar, a bag of “Swedish Fish” (which are like gummy… um… fish), a bag of “Choczels” (chocolate pretzels), a package of Oreos, a package of “Lorna Doone” shortbread cookies, a box of Hot Tamales, a pack of Life Savers (original five flavors), and a pack of Big Red.

It also had a Rice Krispie Treat, but that mysteriously disappeared in the last few minutes.

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Dude, my keyboard is making funny noises when I type. Like, it sounds like a very quiet old fashioned cash register: “ker-ching, ker-ching, ker-ching.” I think what’s happening is that some of the springs (or maybe just one spring under a letter I type frequently) is getting worn out. That’s not nearly as cool as if it really were an old fashioned cash register, and were full of money.

Oh wait… I just realized why it’s making that noise. My computer’s microphone is turned on, and it’s picking up the sound of the keystrokes and amplifying it.

Stupid David.

I just saw a Coca-Cola commercial. At the bottom of the screen, I noticed this fine print: “Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Classic, and the dynamic ribbon are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola company.”

Apparently that logo on the can is officially called the “dynamic ribbon.” So Nike has a “swoosh” and Coca-Cola has a “dynamic ribbon.”

To stay in the game, I’ve decided that I’m designing my own corporate logo with a spiffy name. As such, I’ve come up with the “static floob.” I hope you enjoy it. And if you use it on your site, in your magazine, or on your television commercial, please mention that the “static floob” is a registered trademark of David Nestor.

I have dinner at Grandma’s house about once a week, but always on a different day, depending on my schedule.

So today I called Grandma and said, “Hello, I’d like to make a dinner reservation for one person on Friday night.”

She got all confused and thought I had the wrong number.

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My mom called me and said, “I need to go to the Main Place Mall. That’s pretty close to you, so do you want to join me for lunch?”

And then before I could answer, she said, “Oh wait! I meant Cerritos Mall. Never mind.”

Apparently she called a whole bunch of Eddie Bauers to find a specific item, and then she momentarily forgot which one actually had the item.

So yeah… I got dissed by my mom.

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I went into Starbucks on Brookhurst and Ellis last Wednesday, and I noticed three people with laptops using the T-Mobile HotSpot high-speed wireless internet service, which is now available at most Starbucks locations.

Well, far be it from me to let three whole people have newer technology than me, so I went ahead and bought an 802.11b card, and I’m going to sign up for T-Mobile HotSpot. Finally I’ll be able to get lots of work done without being trapped at home or in the office.

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