Well, after Survivor last night I didn’t go straight home. Chelsey had the video of Bat Boy with her and people were going back to 820 to watch it, so I joined them. I was really tired by midnight, though, so I went home just before intermission. I’ll have to see the rest of it some other time.

When I arrived at home, I began the arduous task of packing. I decided to just pick out a whole bunch of clothing that would generally match. It was a lot easier than setting aside specific outfits for specific days. Hopefully it’ll work. I just packed a bunch of t-shirts, some thermal henleys, a few button-down shirts, and a few pairs of jeans. Then I added socks and underwear, and I was done. Simple as that.

I think I got to sleep around two o’clock. I set my alarm for six, but I woke up at a quarter to six accidentally. I had a stomach ache when I awoke because I was too cold, so I decided to bundle up the covers and sleep some more. Apparently I snoozed my alarm several times in my sleep, though, because when I finally got out of bed it was already a quarter to seven. I was supposed to be at my parents’ house at seven. Fortunately I took a shower right before retiring, so I just needed to throw on my nicely laid-out clothes, place my bags in the car, and go.

We didn’t leave my parents’ house until seven thirty for some reason. Steve soon realized he had forgotten his passport at his apartment in Los Angeles, and his keys were at our parents’ house, so we had to turn around and drive back to Long Beach, then to Steve’s apartment, before driving to the airport.

The airport was relatively hassle-free. There were no long lines. We were able to use a kiosk to check in. It even let us scan our passports (or in my case, enter information from my birth certificate) to verify our citizenship. Then we walked up to a counter to check our bags, and we were on our way to security.

I didn’t get stopped at security, and I didn’t even have to take off my shoes or turn on my laptop. Everyone else in our party was stopped, though, and they had to deal with the magnetic wand thingy. Still, the line wasn’t long, so that wasn’t much of a hassle. Especially not for me, since I got to stand idly by and watch them pose like Jesus.

I got a hazelnut latte from the Starbucks in the terminal, and I noticed something fishy. The only Starbucks that charge sales tax are the ones in airports. I always pay the exact amount on the menu for my drinks at other locations, but when I’m in an airport, I find myself fishing around for pennies because the total is some odd amount. In this case, it was $4.01. How annoying is that? Fortunately, my dad was nearby and had a penny.

We boarded right after I got my drink, and we left right on time. I’m typing this on the plane.

Now, because we’ve had such good luck on the way up, I’m assuming that one of two things is going to happen: Either we get to Canada and have a hell of a time getting through immigration (presumably because of my really old birth certificate, which they often suspect is counterfeit), or we have a hell of a time leaving Canada on Monday. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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