So I was thinking about Thomas Crapper, who supposedly invented the flush toilet (although, in reality, he just marketed it or something).

Anyway, I was thinking about this dilemma: It would be cool to be a descendant of the guy who is credited with inventing the toilet, but at the same time, it would really suck to be named Crapper.

Of course, the only reason it would suck to be named Crapper is that the name eventually became slang. Now, if his name had been, like, Smith or something, I seriously doubt this would have happened. But he had the misfortune of having a name that sounded like a verb, so it was easy for our troops in World War I (who apparently coined the slang because water closets were marked “T. Crapper”) to treat his name as such, and consequently to shorten it to a noun version, which became popular slang.

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