Last night, Matt, Danny, Chelsey, and I were putting together a bulletin board for the boys’ house covered with just pictures of our friend Kyle being an idiot. Kyle is a senior at Woodbridge High School, and he’s really popular, and all the girls want to do him, etc. Normally the bulletin boards are full of various pictures from parties or vacations, but we noticed that we had enough crazy pictures of Kyle to mandate giving him his own board.

Well, Kyle found out that we were making a board for him (because Matt can’t keep a secret), and he was really flattered (as he should have been). However, we decided it wasn’t as much fun if he knew about it and was flattered, so we also had to do something not so flattering.

We took some of the most embarrassing pictures off the board and took them to Kinko’s, and we each pitched in some money. We made three hundred copies. Then we drove to Woodbridge and taped up all three hundred copies all over campus. Our flyer included Kyle straddling a wooden horse, Kyle crossing his eyes, Kyle standing on his head, Kyle in his gay Peter Pan costume (which had a bare midriff because the shirt was too small), Kyle dressed as Mary Poppins, Kyle with Pirouette cookies up his nose, and Kyle holding up a Pirouette cookie at crotch level and pretending it’s his penis.

Then we went to his house and put a few of them on his car. So this morning he’ll think, “Ha ha, nice prank,” and then he’ll get to school and think, “Holy shit.”


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