When it rains in Orange, the parking lot at Hart Park becomes a river. The water in the center of the parking lot is about three feet deep and flows at a very swift pace, which I’d estimate at about ten miles per hour.

Last night it poured. So Colin, Kaitlyn, and I decided to build very primitive paper boats. We each used a single piece of paper and no adhesives or fasteners. Then we walked to the park and held a race.

My boat was fastest out of the gate, and it seemed to be the likely winner, but it moored itself just shy of the finish line and was disqualified. Colin’s boat moved at a modest pace right behind, and it was first to cross the finish line. Kaitlyn’s boat moored itself right out of the gate, but eventually it dislodged, continued down the river, and crossed the finish line as well.

We all ended up quite wet, especially the foot parts of us, and the friendly Orange police officer was happy to see us leave.

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