There’s always laundry to do after a big trip.

I think something should be done about that, because nobody likes doing laundry, and it’s sad that you have to come home to extra work just because the clothing you took on the trip needs to be cleaned. Since I just woke up, I only have two ideas for dealing with this:

1. The hotel should offer a free laundry service the day you leave or the day before. That way, everything except the outfit you’re wearing on the plane will already be clean, so you can put off laundry for a while longer instead of having to do it right when you get home.

2. Disposable travel clothes! Especially for visiting warm places like the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Mexico, disposable clothing would have many advantages. It would be thin, lightweight, and easy to pack, and you wouldn’t have to wash it when you came home. You’d just toss it and buy a new set. As an optional added bonus for romantic getaways, it could also be edible.

I think it should be apparent at this point why I’m not actually employed to solve these kinds of problems.

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