My new local-best-friend Ash and I have decided it’s our mission to find a black-and-white four-picture photo booth that actually works.

Already, in the past seventy-two hours, we’ve tried Fun Zone and Belmont Park, and we have pictures from both places, but they’re not black-and-white four-picture strips like we want. The one from Fun Zone is a crappy webcam-style single picture, printed on a white sheet of paper using a horrible laser printer, with a tacky-but-amusing “B.F.F.” border on it. The one from Belmont Park is a high-quality four-picture strip, but it’s in color.

And Monday night we managed to find a black-and-white four-picture photo booth at a fifties diner, but it was broken.

So now we’re going to try every boardwalk, amusement park, etc. until we find a working black-and-white four-color photo booth. And along the way we’ll collect all of the non-qualifying pictures (color, one-picture instead of four-picture, computerized, etc.) we can get.

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