Amie and I stalked Amanda and Amanda at Fry’s yesterday. We knew they were at Fry’s because they got lost several times and called me twice to ask for directions.

So Amie and I crept through the aisles Mission-Impossible-style, and we finally found them near the video accessories. We hid behind a pile of VCRs and pretended to be comparing the [exactly-the-same] boxes as employees walked by.

“Oh, I like this color,” Amie chimed in, crouched behind the pile of identical boxes.

“This one feels good,” I added, lifting a box slightly off the pile.

Then we raced over to the cell phone accessory aisle so we could have a side view of our prey. Of course, soon after we entered the cell phone accessory aisle, Amanda and Amanda walked down the very same aisle.

So Amie and I stood with our faces buried in the car power adapters, laughed way too loudly, and proclaimed our love for various adapters. Eventually the Amandas noticed us, and the game was sadly over.

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