August 2004

“Welcome to the part of the mall that smells like feet,” a large sign above me should have said.

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My Disney Rewards Card didn’t work the last time I was at Disneyland, nor the time before that, so I called Bank One to find out why. The Bank One lady said that my attempt to activate the card (by calling the phone number on the little sticker) had failed (even though it never told me it failed), and that’s why it wasn’t accepted. So she activated it manually (supposedly), and she told me it should (yes, should) work next time. I really hope it does, because I feel like a total jerk when I try to use the Rewards Card, and there’s a line of people behind me, and it doesn’t work.

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A long time ago, the film compartment door on my camera broke, and I fixed it with some plastic putty stuff (which required very precise molding and sanding). Eventually I got a new camera, though, and the old camera went back in its box.

Last week I was thinking of selling the old camera on eBay, but I decided to find out first if it was possible to replace the film compartment door (so I wouldn’t have to describe the camera’s injury on eBay). I called up Canon, and they informed me that the replacement door would cost a whopping $8.70, including shipping. That’s less than the stupid plastic putty shit.

Next time I feel like a handy-man, someone please remind me about this.

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Apparently the red-light cameras used at intersections in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Fullerton, Cerritos, and Long Beach were designed, built, and installed by a company called Nestor. That makes me feel guilty.

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