January 2005

Our little winter cold snap finally broke this past weekend. It was in the mid-thirties, so it felt really nice to walk around outside without the need for gloves, a scarf, a hat, bags of fresh lava, etc. It was also sunny and gorgeous, so I grabbed my camera and went to the Park to take some snapshots.

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The bathroom stalls on the eighth floor smell like bug spray.

This scent brings up questions in my mind. First, is there a bug problem in the eighth floor men’s room? And if so, a deep-seated (no pun intended) fear of mine leads to an obvious second question: If I use this toilet, are bugs going to crawl up my ass?

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Last night’s snow storm is over, leaving a foot and a half of fresh snow. All the people at the bus stop across the street are parents with their children and their sleds, waiting to take a trip to the park.

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In an effort to make my New York office seem sunnier, I’ve taken to leaving my desk lamp on at all times, directly above my head, where most would be annoyed by it. I just love the feeling of a bright light shining down on me, even if it’s from an overpriced Italian cubicle-wall-lamp instead of the actual sun.

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All you people handy with a sewing machine, you now have an option for those t-shirts you can’t stand to part with but never wear anymore:

Learn how to turn old t-shirts into underwear. (via preshrunk)

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Last night I saw ‘night, Mother, which is the first non-musical I’ve seen on Broadway. It was amazing. It only has two characters, a mother and her thirty-something daughter, played brilliantly by Brenda Blethyn and Edie Falco. I didn’t know much about the play except the basic information I just listed, and I think that’s best for anyone who is planning to see it. It’s good not to know what it’s about. But I highly recommend it, and it’s been very undersold, so it’s easy to get rush tickets (front row for $26.25) by showing up anytime during normal box office hours.

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