February 2005

I redesigned papertowel.org to stop using frames (I liked them, but Google didn’t), and I made some cute little rounded pods, for the navigation on the left, using style sheets (and no graphics). They seem to work in every 5.0+ browser except Internet Explorer on Mac OSX, in which the round corners appear backwards. And nothing I do seems to fix them. Arrgh!

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Well, 24in48 is over. I think it’ll be a while before I take any more photos with my cameraphone, considering that my Verizon bill will most likely be outrageous this month and my life is clearly not all that interesting anyway. Actually, today we’re planning to go to the Chelsea Flea Markets, the Natural History Museum, and the Park, so this might have been a better day for sweet hot cameraphone action.

UPDATE: We ended up going to lunch with my Uncle and cousins instead, and then going to the Clelsea Flea Markets. We bought a weird (extremely heavy) mirror, and then it was very difficult to catch a cab back home. That night I went to watch Desperate Housewives at Chelsey’s, and it snowed, and Chelsey, Sharie, and I played in the snow at the park and threw snowballs at The Gates.

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If you haven’t looked yet, be sure to check out 24in48.org. I’m participating in it this time, and we’re about halfway done with the project right now.

“Everyone understands this language,” I said, opening my wallet and holding it up to my face, “the language of the smell of the color of money!”

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Based on the following Gothamist article, I think it’s safe to say that New York City is creepy at times. Please, no one forward this link to my mother. However, what I love about Gothamist is the graphic they made to go with it.

Body Parts Found in Subway

Last week Improv Everywhere pulled their most interesting prank ever. They put a fancy bathroom attendant in the men’s restroom at McDonald’s Times Square (via kottke).

Even the manager convinced himself that this wasn’t a prank, but a simple misunderstanding. Surely we were just at the wrong McDonald’s.

What I love about it is the huge variety of people who came in during a single hour on a Sunday, the way the attendant represented the company with their catch phrases and cheerful attitude, and the fact that everyone just accepted both the bathroom attendant and the guy snapping photos.

It’s only in a camera-crazy tourist haven like New York that you can go into a public bathroom, snap photos of men standing at urinals, and not only will they NOT be angry, they’ll often take out their own camera and snap a pic of that same urinal, thinking, “Huh, this toilet must be famous.”

I suspect that, as a result of this, McDonald’s Times Square will hire a bathroom attendant.

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For anyone who doesn’t already know about it, there’s an easy way to score free songs from Pepsi’s iTunes Giveaway. There’s a free song code under the cap of one out of every three bottles. You can read detailed instructions on how to win every time, or I’ll just summarize it for you:

  1. At the store, tilt a participating Pepsi bottle so that the liquid almost touches the cap.
  2. Look up toward the cap through the side of the bottle, just above the label. You’ll be able to faintly see the inside of the cap.
  3. If you see “PLEASE” upside down or “AGAIN” right side up, put the bottle back and try another. Rotate the bottle a little bit to be sure. If you see something other than that, buy the bottle.
  4. Just like washing your hair, repeat as desired.

I hope this will help anyone who’s into iTunes and doesn’t mind drinking Pepsi instead of Coke for a few weeks.

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At some point, razors had only one blade. Then they had two, and then three. Next they had three blades and a lotion strip. Then three blades and two lotion strips. Recently Schick introduced the Schick Quattro, with four blades.

Well, friends, I’ve decided to make millions of dollars by inventing the next breakthrough in razor technology way ahead of its time. Introducing… DIECI.

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City University has an amazing web site dedicated to Barnum’s American Museum (via bb), which was destroyed in a fire in 1865. The museum is especially interesting to me since it’s mentioned throughout the musical Barnum, which I happen to love. Anyone else who’s familiar with the musical will enjoy seeing some of the bizarre items and people (his “living collection”) that Barnum talks about in “The Museum Song.”

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A few things I’ve noticed:

– When I add milk to Earl Grey tea, it tastes like Froot Loops. Perhaps that’s actually the Sweet-n-Low that tastes like Froot Loops, actually. Not that there’s Sweet-n-Low in Froot Loops, but… I think it tastes similar.

– The designers on those design shows always want to paint rooms really bright colors. And really, who does that? I mean, besides Chelsey, who recently painted her kitchen turquoise. But besides Chelsey, does anyone actually paint their walls a really bright color?

– In the winter in California, it was always colder when it rained. Here in New York, it’s always warmer when it rains. Technically I understand why, but it’s still a bit unnerving.

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