Well, 24in48 is over. I think it’ll be a while before I take any more photos with my cameraphone, considering that my Verizon bill will most likely be outrageous this month and my life is clearly not all that interesting anyway. Actually, today we’re planning to go to the Chelsea Flea Markets, the Natural History Museum, and the Park, so this might have been a better day for sweet hot cameraphone action.

UPDATE: We ended up going to lunch with my Uncle and cousins instead, and then going to the Clelsea Flea Markets. We bought a weird (extremely heavy) mirror, and then it was very difficult to catch a cab back home. That night I went to watch Desperate Housewives at Chelsey’s, and it snowed, and Chelsey, Sharie, and I played in the snow at the park and threw snowballs at The Gates.

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