March 2005

The weather is best described as “slushy” today, and saying that makes me crave a Slurpee® from 7-Eleven. Unfortunately, the afore-mentioned weather cancels out all cravings for said frozen beverage.

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Their recommendations have always amused me. Now with their Watch List feature, apparently has decided that I am gay.

I read an interesting article regarding virginity on today:

Study: Teens Who Pledge Virginity Try To Bend The Rules
Poll finds they’re more likely to have tried anal, oral sex.

Teens who take abstinence pledges are almost as likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases as kids who don’t, according to a new study that found pledgers tend to substitute other risky behavior for regular intercourse. [Read more.]

I could have told you that just from my own observations, though.

A friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, was adamant about saving herself until marriage, for religious reasons. One day in class, she approached me and asked, “If I have anal sex, am I still a virgin?” Of course, she’d already done it. And I heard many other similar stories in high school and college.

However, I still wouldn’t argue that saving one’s virginity is a bad idea. Any kind of sexual activity might spread disease, but only traditional sex will get you pregnant. And I remember plenty of people (of both sexes) from high school who were very happy with the additional oral sex encountered while dating dedicated virgins.

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It was announced yesterday that Yahoo acquired Flickr. Naturally I’m a little concerned because acquisitions often lead to huge changes, and I like Flickr the way it is. However, I currently use Yahoo for a great many tasks (except, you know, searching the web), and I use it because it has proven to be the most customizable, most reliable tool for those tasks. So I’m glad that my photos will come under the same banner.

Speaking of “The OC,” I found a web site that tells you every song used in every episode. Now I can be totally sure that Onelinedrawing has never been used. I mean, not that I’d really care if they were, because some great bands have been used (Jem, Death Cab for Cutie, Belle and Sebastian), but I just think it’s important that I heard about them from my friend Traci instead of a television show.

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I’m listening to “Visitor” by Onelinedrawing, and I’m proud to say it’s a modern rock/folk/indie/emo album I can highly recommend that has not been played on “The OC” (well… not that I know of). Onelinedrawing is the solo project of Jonah from the now-broken-up Far. It’s a little like Death Cab for Cutie or Iron & Wine, but not completely. It’s definitely worth a listen.

If you’re interested, you should harken to some samples at iTunes or Amazon. Yeah, I said harken. You got a problem? Huh? Huh? That’s what I thought.


For you neo-retro-electronica-lovers, track four (“Smile”) has classic Casio-inspired beats. And for you late-seventies-sci-fi-fans, it has guest “vocals” from R2-D2.

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My friend Rob wrote a great article today about Congress and their immediate attention to the single most important controversy on American soil: steroid use in baseball.

The soldiers in Iraq, the budget crisis, the intelligence failures, social security, those are really back-burner issues compared to whether Sosa juiced up.

It’s funny and poignant. Check it out.

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Dude… They invented a phaser. It fires “directed energy” up to two kilometers away, and it can be non-lethal (as Kirk would say, “set phasers on stun”) or lethal (as Kirk would say, “set phasers to kill”). Do Gene Roddenberry’s relatives get royalties for this?

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Ash had to do an off-site event for work yesterday near our apartment, so I decided to walk with her to her work and to the event. She had to get a bunch of stuff from her workplace and pile it into one of those grocery carts that old people use, to take to the event. As we walked from her workplace to the event, by way of Starbucks, we took turns acting like old people. It was fun–bad karma, I’m sure, but fun nonetheless.

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