April 2005

You know, I already had plenty of problems with President Bush, but now he’s holding an impromptu press conference when The OC is supposed to be on, and that’s just crossing the line of decency. And since when does Fox show the entirety of his press conferences? They usually just show a minute of it on the news later at night, not the entire hour-long speech. Why the heck did they suddenly change their policy? I want my news later at night, or the next morning in the paper, not at prime time!

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Coke is having a bottlecap contest in which they’re giving away free Coke. Unlike Pepsi’s contest, it’s difficult or impossible to cheat, so I’ve just been playing it by chance. Still, I’ve won three times already. With 1-in-12 odds, it seems I must have consumed about 36 bottles of Coke since the contest began. That’s a lot of Coke. Either that or I’ve just been lucky. Really, though, I think I drink a lot of Coke. So I suppose it’s a good thing that I’ve got three free 1-liter bottles headed my way. I think I’ll take one Diet Coke, one Diet Coke with Lime, and one Diet Vanilla Coke. (I have to get Diet because it makes me think it’s healthy.)

I spoke too soon. Twyla Tharp is directing and choreographing a new musical using the music of Bob Dylan. Yes folks, Bob Dylan. And it’s a dance musical. No horrible idea I could have imagined could ever have compared with this, and it’s not even made up.

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Good Vibrations is closing this weekend on Broadway. I’m sad about it because I’ve become quite a fan of the show. Still, you’d think it would spark the end of this era of classic pop music-inspired musicals (Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, All Shook Up, Movin’ Out, and the soon-to-open Lennon, to name a few), but now it’s just getting even more random with the introduction of a new musical based on the music of Neil Sedaka.

Clearly there’s still time for me to write Lovecats, a dance musical based on the music of The Cure.

My friend Irene pointed this out to me, and I think it’s brilliant:

Redefined, an a cappella group from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, sing and act out a medley of Nintendo theme songs.

You should definitely turn on your speakers and go watch the movie. Make sure you have QuickTime installed in order to view it.

Ashleigh’s working on the Upper West Side today, and we were discussing our plans to meet for dinner. I said, “I’ll meet you there so we can explore Columbus’s options.”

Immediately I thought, “Discover new world… Don’t discover new world…”

I’m sure his actual options were more complicated, but in the cartoon in my head, everything is quite simple.

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Well, today is April 15, which means it’s [what I like to call] Death & Taxes Day.

If you haven’t already sent in your tax return, I hope you know of a post office nearby with a really late last pickup time. When I lived in Long Beach, I always saw a huge line of cars at the 9pm drive-through mailbox on Redondo Avenue on Death & Taxes Day. Apparently there are a lot of procrastinators out there.

It’s funny to me, since I always send in my tax return as early as possible. Then again, I generally plan my taxes so that I will get a refund at the end of the year, and I think it makes sense that when there’s money coming, one tends not to procrastinate.

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By the way, the quizzes that Lauren and I wrote a few years ago are back online after a two-year hiatus:


If you never took our quizzes, or if you did but you can’t remember what you got, I highly recommend “What Lunch Meat Are You?” as well as the extremely vague yet mildly amusing “What Are You?

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Anyone from New York City can tell you that the best place to satisfy a pickle craving is at Guss’ Pickles (on Orchard at Broome). I went there for the first time last month, and I became an instant fan of their “spicy half-sour” pickles. So today I ventured down there to get a whole quart of them, and now I get to enjoy them all week.

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It was a pleasant day today, and it’s supposed to be rather pleasant all week. It was sunny and warm with a light breeze.

As such, I walked home from work through Central Park. It’s only about two miles, and three-quarters of it is in the park (so it’s a nice walk), but I wouldn’t dare do it unless the weather was amiable like today.

There were even rowboats out on the lake today (seen in the picture above), which reminded me of the proposal scene from The Last Five Years. And there were flowers in bloom, and green grass, and a lot of people just relaxing on rocks and in fields. It was… nice.

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