I just saw an Applebees commercial that made me all misty inside. The Applebees employees are watching the local football team (college or high school, I’m not sure which) playing a game on TV, and they lose. Then the manager is like, “I guess it’s time to close up.” So they start closing down for the night, but then a bus pulls up outside, and the football players get out of it. They look at the closed Applebees and are disappointed. But then the employees look at each other and are like, “I can stay a while longer… me too…” So the manager opens the door and says something like, “You guys must be pretty hungry.”

It made me all misty because it’s so true. The Applebees in La Habra used to stay open late just for us, because they knew we were performing and they knew we’d come to Applebees afterward. They loved having local organizations come in even if they had to stay late, and they usually gave us (since we were a non-profit) a cut of the profits as a donation. They’re so cute like that.


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