I love sitting in the hall at 440 Studios, where I can hear the dissonant, ghostly cacophony of audition songs, staged arguments, choral works, and martial arts. Hearing it all at once produces an effect sort of like this:

Thud! “Go back to bed.” “Gloria in excelsis deo–“ Thud! “The sun’ll come out–” “Can I help?” Thud! “Tomorrow!” Thud! “Yes, by going back to bed.” “Admirabilis Deus, fortis Pater futuri saeculi–“ “Bet your bottom dollar–” Thud! “If you’ll just tell me what it is you’re–” Thud! “That tomorrow–” “Gloria!” “There’ll be–” Thud! “Sun!” “Spring cleaning you could call it.” “In excelsis deo–“ Thud! “At two in the morning?”

NB: The thuds come from the martial artists being thrown to the floor repeatedly, in case that wasn’t clear.

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