I can’t believe how much trash we produce in a day.

I mean, we don’t actually produce it (at least not the kind I’m talking about), so I guess it’s more correct to say that we… deposit it.

Anyway, what I’m talking about is all the packaging, all the bags, bottles, and cans, all the napkins, paper towels, and so forth. Recyclable or non-recyclable, it’s all trash because it’s all stuff we don’t need anymore. And I’m amazed because I manage to fill the trash can at my desk to its brim every single day with just the trash from my breakfast, lunch, and occasional paperwork.

Naturally I’m not planning to do anything about this, like switching to reusable cutlery or asking for “no bag” when I buy my lunch. That’s for proactive eco-people, and I’m hardly one of those. I’m just amazed by it and thought it was worth mentioning.

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