I tried to upgrade this site from Movable Type 3.17 to Movable Type 3.2 beta 5, and all hell broke loose. First of all, I did back it up, but I didn’t know that the backup of the database was corrupt until it was too late.

Version 3.2 wasn’t working because of memory limitations from my hosting company, but I couldn’t simply downgrade because 3.17 couldn’t read the newly-upgraded data in the database.

When I tried restoring from backup, 3.17 wouldn’t work because the database was corrupt. And I was still using a Berkeley database instead of MySQL (because the Berkeley database previously wasn’t “broke,” so I never fixed it), so I couldn’t look at the data to fix whatever was wrong.

Anyway, I eventually used a combination of some Berkeley tables from the backup and some Berkeley tables that had been upgraded, and I was able to convert this combination to MySQL using Movable Type’s conversion script, and then I could go into MySQL, fix what was wrong, manipulate the upgraded data to the way it was before, and successfully use version 3.17 again.

So now I’m running on 3.17, and it’s working very well, and all of my data is intact except some anti-spam settings and some trackbacks (which I never cared about anyway). And now I’m using MySQL, which is handy because I can fix things that break in the future, and I can easily make changes to all entries at once using SQL.

Tomorrow they’re supposed to announce the official release of version 3.2, and I’ll most likely try it again. But at least this time I have a textual backup (in the form of a SQL script) of the database, so if something goes wrong, I can downgrade again.

Knock on wood.

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