November 2005

Ash and I wanted to have people over for Thanksgiving, but it turns out everyone we know is going home for Thanksgiving this year, so it’s just the two of us. Still, Ash really wants to cook because she’s really into celebrating holidays.

Since there are only two of us, I finally convinced her not to cook a turkey. She was like, “We can just get a small one,” and I had to be like, “Dude, they don’t make small ones!”

So instead she got one of those little Cornish game hens (they’re about the size of a softball), and we’re going to share that, some mashed potatoes, some macaroni and cheese, and a pumpkin pie. It’ll be our own little Cratchit Family Thanksgiving–because it’s going to look really funny sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with this minuscule bird.

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Okay, so it took me until this morning, after seeing the commercial about ten times, to finally understand the new Energizer commercial. I thought the bunny was one of the participants in the class, and that he just lasts longer than everyone else. But I just realized that he’s teaching the class, and that everyone’s movements in the class are just like the movements of the Energizer bunny.

This is how slow I am, folks.

I was all excited waiting for the new Barenaked Ladies EP, Barenaked for Hanukkah. And then it finally came out (exclusively on music download sites), and…

It’s just three songs. One is a track taken directly from Barenaked for the Holidays, another is a live version of a song from Barenaked for the Holidays, and the third is “I Have a Little Dreidel,” which is less than a minute long. Lame!

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I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night at an advance screening. I liked it better than the other three. It finally flowed like a movie, not like a book. There weren’t discernible chapters. And the plot just seemed more exciting. My friends who have read the books said that about 3/4 of the book was excluded, yet they all enjoyed it as well. They said they appreciated the fact that it felt more like a movie, and it was better to leave things out entirely than to touch on them briefly and never come back.

I laughed and laughed when I saw this item on the Linens-n-Things web site. Hopefully you’ll make the same instant assumption about the product, otherwise it’s not funny.

I received a free promotional CD in the mail with selections from The Woman in White. I guess they’re trying to generate interest in the Broadway run. Anyway, it’s really weird. I almost can’t pass judgment on the music, though, because it’s definitely the plot that’s weird. I might consider seeing the show. Now that I’m reading about the plot, I’m totally intrigued.

Dammit! Remember I went to the Park about a month ago to shoot photos of autumn, but there was nothing very autumnal about it? Well, apparently I really was way too early; I found these photos on Flickr just now, and they were taken earlier this week. I guess it’s time to go back to the Park!

I had a dream in which my friend Nicole was on a family vacation with me. I think we were in Vancouver. Anyway, we both had these new cameraphones that took really great pictures. Every time she took a picture, though, she had to write about the picture for a school report. And then I had to look over what she’d written, critique it, and sign off on it (like a parent reading a rough draft). I think it means that my friends are too young.

In a city that supposedly doesn’t sleep, how come every store closes early? Like why does Staples close at 8 o’clock every night, and why doesn’t the drug store stay open 24 hours a day? And why do all the post offices have last pickup at 6 o’clock? I mean, it’s great that all of the bars are open until 4, but what if I need something–anything–other than an alcoholic drink between the hours of 8 in the evening and 4 in the morning?

Amanda, Allison, Traci, and I decided that the statues at Plaza el Paseo needed to have some fun. We happened to have some inflatable instruments and microphones from Amanda’s brother’s bar mitzvah, so we forced the statues to join our rock band… er, bronze band.

Click for more pictures.

Click for more pictures.

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