June 2006

I understand that your pricing structure may be complicated, and that everything’s somewhat negotiable. But if you refuse to put prices or price ranges on your web site–or even worse, if you refuse to put prices in your “information” packets–then I don’t really want to do business with you. Clearly you think you’re too expensive, because if you were a good value, you’d want to advertise that. And anyway, you’re just wasting a whole lot of my time and your time, because then I have to call you, and you have to dedicate time to coming up with a price quote for me, and you have to keep following up and inquiring with me, even though your location is far too expensive in the first place. If you’d just tell me up front how much it’s likely to cost, I could avoid wasting everyone’s time. Do you really think that by making me talk to you, you’re going to convince me to spend twice my budget? Not a chance. Instead, you’re going to get a shitload of people calling you to find out what you could have easily posted on your web site. And the people who could afford it will, and the people who can’t won’t. You’re not going to convert anyone, you’re just going to piss people off.

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