August 2006

I picked up an advanced copy of this at work, and let me just say it’s quite possibly the best book ever published: Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists. If you like McSweeney’s lists, or if you’ve never heard of McSweeney’s lists, it’s going to make you very happy. Go pre-order a copy, or pick it up at a bookstore when it’s released to the public.

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Well, Snakes on a Plane was everything I expected it to be. I’m going to get started on my screenplay now for Snakes on a Canoe.

I’m working on a PHP project at work, which makes me really happy because a) it gives me some brain exercise, and b) I think PHP is a very useful language, and using it at work gets me back in the swing of it.

We’re using PHP right now to work with XML output from a web service, and that’s exactly the sort of thing that’s really useful in the web world right now. I haven’t played around much with stuff like Google Maps, but this is really similar, and it might get me in the mood to do some kind of personal project with Google Maps when I’m done.

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Amanda’s in town right now, which is really cool. I haven’t seen her in forever. And by forever, I mean a few months. Anyway, it’s especially cool because it’s Alex’s first time in the city, and he’s totally a guy who could enjoy living in New York, so I know he’s really enjoying it. Last night we joined them for fondue at Kashkaval, followed by dessert at Edgar’s Cafe (because Cafe Lalo was too crowded, and Edgar’s is a block away, never crowded, and just as good). Today on my lunch break I showed them the Chelsea Market, and we enjoyed “Witchino” blended coffee drinks at the Fat Witch Bakery. Sweet! Literally.

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 LG Chocolate On Saturday I was eligible for my “New Every Two” discount from Verizon Wireless, so yesterday I went to the Verizon store and upgraded to the new LG Chocolate. It’s a sleek, black phone that looks way more like an iPod than a phone, obviously because they’re trying to encourage people to listen to music on their phones. It slides open to reveal a keypad when you want to use it as a phone, and the rest of the time it’s really small and thin.

Verizon didn’t have the cable yet to transfer my phone book from my old phone, but with a USB cable and BitPim (set for the VX8300, which is pretty much compatible), I was able to transfer my phone book as well as all my photos. BitPim also let me create a custom ringtone out of an MP3 of “Such Great Heights,” so that was pretty awesome.

Verizon uses Windows Media Player 10 to sync music to the phone. It only comes with a tiny 60MB of memory, just enough for about an hour of music, so I put the Postal Service’s Give Up on there, and I might get a microSD card later to store more music.

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