October 2006

You may have noticed that napkin.org is back online and has new content. I handed over the reigns to Leslie, who is now the new owner of the site and your new napkin moderator. You should go visit the site and submit some new napkins for her!

Several other people photographed the filming of I Am Legend in and around Washington Square Park. You can see all of the photos tagged “i am legend” here on flickr.

This one’s my favorite. It’s just eerie.

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I didn’t actually see anyone filming, nor were any actors present, so it wasn’t totally exciting. But they were setting up a massive amount of lights, which I found interesting. They even had a huge illuminated hot air balloon, which I assume was going to be used to cast overhead light from a great distance, like moonlight.

Also, even though it’s a park, they brought in additional fake trees. I found out later they’ve been filming scenes for I Am Legend, a new vampire movie starring Will Smith.

Click for a few more pictures.

I’m getting married in a couple weeks. It’s not as stressful as it should be, thanks in part to the fact that we did as much planning as possible and as much preparation as possible months in advance. Because of that, during the week leading up to the wedding, we only have to do one day’s worth of errands. Oh, and several hours of wrapping things.

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