November 2006

We trimmed our Christmas tree a week ago, so today was completely free for the real American tradition practiced on the day after Thanksgiving: shopping!

Am I a glutton for punishment? Mayhaps. But for some reason, I’ve always done a good amount (maybe most) of my holiday shopping on “Black Friday.” I think it’s because of the sales. You really can get some great deals if you shop on this particular day, and hey, you’re going to spend money at all these places anyway, so you might as well take advantage of getting more bang for your buck. Half off here, buy one get one half-off over there, and so forth.

I can’t tell you where I went because Ashleigh might read this, and of course my wife is the primary recipient of Christmas gifts, especially since the rest of my family is Jewish. Although, really, I was also shopping for Hanukkah gifts. It’s just easier to say “Christmas gifts” because I don’t have to wonder which way I should spell it.

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When I see a headline like “Consumer prices fall for 2nd month,” I immediately think to myself, “It’s time to buy some consumers!”

As thankful as we are for the wedding gifts we received, I was a little worried that we wouldn’t have room for all of these new kitchen appliances, dishes, cookware, and servingware in our tiny, itty-bitty New York kitchenette. If you need some perspective: Our kitchen has one drawer.

Ashleigh apparently has a previously-undiscovered talent, however, for finding a home for every single thing. Granted, there are a few strange placements (like a mixing bowl on top of a serving tray), but for the most part everything is either cleverly tucked away in a cabinet or else artfully displayed on the counter. I’m very impressed, and proud to call this clutter-conquerer my wife.

The board games, incidentally, fit neatly inside of our coffee table. Thank goodness for smart storage.

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