March 2008

When you get a Discover card, you’re allowed to choose from over one hundred fifty designs, and you can order a new card with a different design at your leisure. I think it’s a brilliant marketing move. When you choose a new card design, it gets you excited about using your Discover card again. You want to pull out your card with puppies on it, or palm trees, or the Statue of Liberty, so that clerks everywhere will say, “Ooh, what a cool credit card you have.” And then, as if getting you to use your card more wasn’t enough, it might also convince others who see it that they should get a Discover card. That way they can have a credit card with puppies on it.

I can understand having some different scents to choose from, and maybe one with bleach, and one that’s free of dyes and perfumes. But I seriously counted no less than twenty different varieties of Tide laundry detergent at the store yesterday, each in three or four different sizes and “concentrations.”

I think it’s time for an intervention. Mr. Procter? Mr. Gamble? You need to stop creating new versions of Tide. You have a problem. I think it stems from some kind of insecurity. “What if the customers don’t like the Mountain Spring scent? We’d better make a Spring & Renewal scent too, just in case.”

I bought Cheer instead.

My mother found a bouquet that looked like Ilse, so she gave it to my grandfather while he was in the hospital last month:

puppy flowers

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My friend Amanda reminded me that we start Daylight Savings Time earlier this year, namely tomorrow morning. That means that when I’m picking up my grandparents’ sugar-free anniversary cake tomorrow morning at 11am, it’s going to feel like 10am. Damn you, Daylight Savings Time, with your “new and improved” Daylight Savings Time That Lasts An Extra Long Time!

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