March 2009

I knew a guy whose blog was so cool…

“How cool was it?”

It was so cool, it would automatically import comments once a day from the Facebook “notes” based on his blog entries.

“That’s not a very funny joke.”

Sorry, it wasn’t really a joke, just bragging about the cool WordPress plug-in I’m using, called Facebook Comments.

“That’s not a very funny name for a WordPress plug-in.”

No. No it isn’t.

Lemon Blossoms on Our Lemon Tree

It’s funny because there are both lemon blossoms and lemons on the tree at the same time. I didn’t know they worked like that.

Warning: Nerd entry.

I finally did away with Movable Type. I never fully recovered from the upgrade to MT4, which forced me to rewrite my comment templates.  I had previously been using Movable Type’s own <$MTCommentFields$> tag to create my comment form, and they ruthlessly abandoned the tag in version 4, so I had to recreate my comment form after upgrading.

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Now I can tell just how infrequently I post blog entries, because I’ve already received and spent my next $3 coupon from Staples. This time I bought some paper for my printer, because I need paper, and because it was on sale for only $4.99 a ream. So $1.99 later, I’ve got myself a nice ream of paper. Woo-hoo!

I guess it was actually $4.99 plus tax, minus $3, so that’s about $2.38. Good thing I bought it before April 1st, otherwise it might have been $2.43! (The sales tax in California goes up 1 percentage point on April 1st, so about $.05 on a $5.00 purchase.)

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