Warning: Nerd entry.

I finally did away with Movable Type. I never fully recovered from the upgrade to MT4, which forced me to rewrite my comment templates.  I had previously been using Movable Type’s own <$MTCommentFields$> tag to create my comment form, and they ruthlessly abandoned the tag in version 4, so I had to recreate my comment form after upgrading.

One of the big reasons I had always used Movable Type was the freedom it allowed in creating my own templates for pages.  Unfortunately, because I created my own templates, it was never easy to plug in new Movable Type features that became available with subsequent upgrades.

To top it all off, we started using WordPress at work because its dynamic nature cooperates better with our server setup.

So here I am, after about six years with Movable Type, typing this entry in WordPress instead.  I created my own theme for WordPress that’s almost identical to my old templates.  In fact, the stylesheet has changed very little; I took a simple existing theme and modified the class names to match the ones I was already using, and moved things around a bit, and voilà: a totally new web site that looks practically the same as the old one.

If you’re browsing in IE6/7, you’ll notice the boxes don’t have rounded corners anymore.  I actually did have the rounded corners working just fine in IE6/7, but I decided to try a new CSS3-compliant method of doing it (with a whole lot less code), and of course it’s not IE-friendly since IE’s always late to adopt new W3C standards.  But you know what?  It looks fine without them too, so I’m not going to bother fixing them for all you Microserfs.

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