I started thinking about the bands that I’ve seen live in concert, thanks to a LivingSocial meme on Facebook (called “Bands I’ve seen live in concert”). Until I tried to list them, I didn’t realize how many I’d seen! Here’s the list, as far as I can remember:

Barenaked Ladies (many times), Guster, DEVO, David Bowie, Reel Big Fish, Kool & the Gang, the Offspring, Lit (were awful), Save Ferris, Offwhite (fronted by a friend of Ashleigh’s), Nothing Special (fronted by my friend Amanda), Cake, Alanis Morissette, the White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Tuna, the Other Ones, Semisonic, Moby, Violent Femmes, Counting Crows, the Pixies, They Might Be Giants, the Aquabats, and Busta Rhymes.

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