October 2010

Ilse dislikes Halloween more than I do. I’m just uninterested. She, on the other hand, is forced to wear uncomfortable clothing.

I finally found the perfect netbook (to replace my ancient laptop), but it hasn’t come out yet:

Samsung NF310 NetbookThe Samsung NF310 is at heart a 10.1-Inch netbook but it will feature unique styling [and] various performance advantages over currently available netbooks. The netbook’s HD LED back-lit display for starters features 1366 x 768 pixel resolution… Also the NF310 when launched will make use of the 1.5Ghz Intel Atom N550 Dual Core processor. [» Netbook Planet]

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it for myself as a Christmas present, although that might only be possible if everyone else on my list gets coal. So if you’re on my holiday list, please be very poorly behaved between now and Christmas.

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