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Warning: Nerd entry.

I finally did away with Movable Type. I never fully recovered from the upgrade to MT4, which forced me to rewrite my comment templates.  I had previously been using Movable Type’s own <$MTCommentFields$> tag to create my comment form, and they ruthlessly abandoned the tag in version 4, so I had to recreate my comment form after upgrading.

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Tonight Ashleigh and I tried the new “Watch Now” service from Netflix. It allows us to watch a movie instantly on our computer screen instead of waiting to receive it in the mail. The service is only available for select titles, and obviously only with a fast internet connection. Anyway, it’s pretty amazing that a movie can be delivered so quickly and reliably, and at a very decent quality, over the internet. Our movie had to pause a few times for just a minute to “catch up” to itself (as a result of hiccups in our internet connection), but that gave us an opportunity to use the restroom; it wasn’t much of a nuisance. This is definitely the future of movie renting, and I highly recommend it for any Netflix users who haven’t tried it yet, provided you have a very fast connection.

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I finally switched from Yahoo Mail to Gmail last week. So far, I’m pretty happy. I’m just trying to get used to the automatic threading of “conversations” and using “labels” instead of folders. Why did I switch? Yahoo Mail Plus, combined with Yahoo Personal Address for my email address, made my Yahoo Mail kind of pricey. Gmail offered the same service for free, including the use of my domain name. And unlike Yahoo, Google doesn’t take over the whole domain name; just the mail part.

Now I’m on to the challenging task of moving old mail into Gmail. The first step was obvious: To get my mail from Yahoo Mail into Gmail, I just set up Gmail to retrieve from the Yahoo Mail POP server. Done and done. It just takes a while, because Gmail processes only 200 messages at a time, every half hour or so. Gmail is even smart enough to put most of the “Sent” mail into the “Sent” folder.

The harder part is getting my old mail (from before I used Yahoo) from Outlook Express. Basically I followed instructions similar to these. Most of the Gmail import solutions out there involve forwarding all your mail and therefore losing the original dates of the messages. Not interested. Instead, I put my mail on a POP server on my own computer and then had Gmail download it from there.

First, I imported my mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. Then I set up an IMAP/POP server on my own computer. I found a free, easy-to-use mail server called Mercury. I set up an account for myself, and then I went into Thunderbird and hooked it up as an IMAP account. Then I copied the emails from the archive folders into the Inbox of the IMAP account. After that, I went to Gmail and added an external account (to retrieve POP mail) using my IP address. Voila, it started downloading 200 messages at a time.

Now the tricky part is that a lot of my mail is going to the Spam folder, so I have to keep checking it once in a while during the retrieval process. The good thing is, all of the false-positive Spam has really old dates, so it’s easy to spot.

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I’m working on a PHP project at work, which makes me really happy because a) it gives me some brain exercise, and b) I think PHP is a very useful language, and using it at work gets me back in the swing of it.

We’re using PHP right now to work with XML output from a web service, and that’s exactly the sort of thing that’s really useful in the web world right now. I haven’t played around much with stuff like Google Maps, but this is really similar, and it might get me in the mood to do some kind of personal project with Google Maps when I’m done.

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Earlier today Apple Computer Inc. announced that, with a small software download, the new Intel-based Macs can run Windows XP. I immediately went to the home page to check it out, because I imagined it was going to look like this.

I tried to upgrade this site from Movable Type 3.17 to Movable Type 3.2 beta 5, and all hell broke loose. First of all, I did back it up, but I didn’t know that the backup of the database was corrupt until it was too late.

Version 3.2 wasn’t working because of memory limitations from my hosting company, but I couldn’t simply downgrade because 3.17 couldn’t read the newly-upgraded data in the database.

When I tried restoring from backup, 3.17 wouldn’t work because the database was corrupt. And I was still using a Berkeley database instead of MySQL (because the Berkeley database previously wasn’t “broke,” so I never fixed it), so I couldn’t look at the data to fix whatever was wrong.

Anyway, I eventually used a combination of some Berkeley tables from the backup and some Berkeley tables that had been upgraded, and I was able to convert this combination to MySQL using Movable Type’s conversion script, and then I could go into MySQL, fix what was wrong, manipulate the upgraded data to the way it was before, and successfully use version 3.17 again.

So now I’m running on 3.17, and it’s working very well, and all of my data is intact except some anti-spam settings and some trackbacks (which I never cared about anyway). And now I’m using MySQL, which is handy because I can fix things that break in the future, and I can easily make changes to all entries at once using SQL.

Tomorrow they’re supposed to announce the official release of version 3.2, and I’ll most likely try it again. But at least this time I have a textual backup (in the form of a SQL script) of the database, so if something goes wrong, I can downgrade again.

Knock on wood.

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Jason Kottke wrote about his “analog Palm Pilot” today. Clearly he is not familiar with the PaperPalm, which I wrote about a few years ago. But he should be. So Jason, if you’re reading this, you should buy a PaperPalm.

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Almost everyone on my Buddy List has an away message up right now, and I think it would be interesting just to list all of them. If you’re one of those people who likes to do the same weird things that other people have done on their weblogs, feel free to do this too.

What do you dream about when your love is asleep at your side?

Sorry %a, I’m Sleeping……. I’ll Talk To You Later =)

things to do today:-sleep in-lunch with cousin Siobhan, visiting from Oregon-get hair done- facial-hang with the boys-some type of fun tonight-laundry, clean room- SLEEP

im curled up in a little ball softly tucked away in my big comfy bed…alone 🙁 does somebody wanna cuddle?

You know when you work your ass off to make something great, but no matter what you do, nothing changes? yah. I wouldn’t know ANYTHING about that.

Sometimes when I feel like killing someone, I do a little trick to calm myself down. I’ll go over to the person’s house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, I’m gone, but you know what I’ve left on the porch? A jack-o’-lantern with a knife in the side of its head with a note that says “You.” After that, I usually feel a lot better, and no harm done.

I am away from my computer right now.

I am burnt and itchy. Last day of FINALS tomorrow and then I am free! Call the cell, I am studying till the break of dawn. Then class. THEN A NAP!! Then possibly Mean Girls with KAT. JUST CALL MY EFFIN CELL. kthnx.

I am online, but may be away from my computer.

“the prettiest people do the ugliest things”

Sleeping. Mmmmmmmm sleep.

Stuff. Use Cell.

I’m learing something… I think…


I am currently away from the computer.

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Someone in my office is eating tuna. At first I thought my computer smelled like tuna for some reason. But no. It’s actual tuna, elsewhere in the office. Phew!

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Dude, my keyboard is making funny noises when I type. Like, it sounds like a very quiet old fashioned cash register: “ker-ching, ker-ching, ker-ching.” I think what’s happening is that some of the springs (or maybe just one spring under a letter I type frequently) is getting worn out. That’s not nearly as cool as if it really were an old fashioned cash register, and were full of money.

Oh wait… I just realized why it’s making that noise. My computer’s microphone is turned on, and it’s picking up the sound of the keystrokes and amplifying it.

Stupid David.

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