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my bag of fresh tortillas from disney's california adventure

I’m a happy birthday boy when I get my free bag of fresh tortillas from Disney’s California Adventure. This year I had a very happy birthday. I got my tortillas, and Disney bought me some t-shirts.

See, if you’re a normal person, Disneyland gives you a free ticket on your birthday. But if you’re an annual passholder like me, you already get in free on your birthday… so instead they give you a $69 Birthday Fun Card, which is just like a gift card but with TONS of terms and conditions (like, “no food” and “no discounts”). I used my Birthday Fun Card to buy a cool 80’s Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a Monorail t-shirt.

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Ash is now a cast member at the Disneyland Resort again. I’m excited because she now has access to the parks, which means I’ll get to use my annual pass more often. We can go there on dates. She got a 3-day spot in Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams and a 5-day spot in Disney’s Electrical Parade, so apparently she’s working 8 days a week.

My Disney Rewards Card didn’t work the last time I was at Disneyland, nor the time before that, so I called Bank One to find out why. The Bank One lady said that my attempt to activate the card (by calling the phone number on the little sticker) had failed (even though it never told me it failed), and that’s why it wasn’t accepted. So she activated it manually (supposedly), and she told me it should (yes, should) work next time. I really hope it does, because I feel like a total jerk when I try to use the Rewards Card, and there’s a line of people behind me, and it doesn’t work.

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Juggling has been rather successful.

Monday after work I went over to 820, but Matt was the only one home, and he was boring. He’s been playing his Star Wars game non-stop lately.

So I left and joined the SoCo group at the Mission mall. We had dinner at PF Chang’s, and then we chilled on some big chairs and couches at the mall until after it closed. Then we went back to Mike’s, and when his dad kicked us all out, I went back to 820 to join Matt, Danny, and Chelsey. We just hung out and watched Matt play his game, but it was fun because I got to massage Chelsey’s calves.

Yesterday after work I went to 840 for French Dip Night. John, Carrie, Matt, Chelsey, and Bennett were all there. It was nice to see Bennett again. Everyone enjoyed their French Dips (except Bennett, who is a vegetarian and therefore had grilled cheese instead), and I ended up leaving John’s around 8pm.

Next I went over to Jerry’s Famous Deli in Costa Mesa, where Amanda and Amanda had just been seated. Then Mike, his boyfriend KC, my darling Val, and her sister Vanessa joined us, and we moved to a bigger table and had a delightful time. After that, we went back to the Dolans’ house in Coto, and we played a little Apples to Apples before giving up around 12:30am and all going home.

Amanda surreptitiously hid Val’s hat in my car so that I’d find it this morning and therefore be forced to see her sometime today.

So today… My boss took the day off, which means I can goof off this afternoon. The SoCo group wants to go to Disneyland around lunchtime, so I’ll prob’ly join them. I’ll either get a new pass or get Marcus to sign me in. And then after that, I’m going to watch Survivor in Orange (at John and Danny’s parents’ house). Once again I’ll successfully be able to hang out with both groups.

Of course, at some point, I should really pack. I have to be at my parents’ house at 7:30am tomorrow to leave for Canada.

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I’ve been hanging out with Amanda and Amanda recently since this week is their spring break.

We were at the Block yesterday, and Thomas joined us as well. We ate at Corner Bakery, which was unfortunate since I really dislike Corner Bakery. I mean, I don’t just “not care for” it, I actually dislike it. They convinced me to try something new, so I had the “chicken pesto macaroni” or something. It was really bland and either undercooked or overcooked (I’m not sure which is which) compared to the pasta at Disneyland (which, incidentally, I had just last Thursday with TJ, Rachel, and Dennis). I also had Corner Bakery’s coffee to drink, and it tasted like mud. And no, it wasn’t “fresh ground” that morning. So yeah… Corner Bakery still a big disappointment.

The day before, Easter, Amanda and I hung out at Amanda’s house. Er… Dolan and I hung out at Lutsky’s house. We watched This Is Spinal Tap and hung out with her white-trash-with-money family. Also the Amandas and I played with my karaoke thing, which was somewhat annoying. Oh, and earlier on Easter I spent time with my family at Grandma’s house. Dean was in town visiting, so he and I talked about music and computers for a long time.

On Saturday I once again hung out with the Amandas, but this time at Fashion Island. They told us there would be a twenty-five minute wait at Cheesecake Factory, but it ended up being nearly an hour. Yikes! I had a chicken quesadilla, which is actually the same thing I had today for lunch (except today it was a pita quesadilla at Rainforest). After Fashion Island, the Amandas came back over to my apartment and we played a rousing game of “If” which included the very thought-provoking, “If you could witness one biblical event, what would it be?” I found that intriguing because although the skeptic in me would go for witnessing one of Jesus’s supposed “miracles,” I decided that if it actually happened, I’d feel obligated to believe in Christianity, and I don’t want to feel that way. So instead I decided I’d want to hear his “sermon on the mountain” so that I could hear what he actually said instead of someone’s interpretation. And I’d still be able to decide for myself whether God existed. So yeah, after that Lutsky decided she’d let me take naked pictures of her sometime, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen since she’s just a big tease.

Friday… hm… I don’t remember a single thing about Friday. How weird is that?

Before that, I was hanging out mostly with TJ.

Thursday I went to Disneyland with TJ, Rachel, and Dennis. We went on the new Winnie the Pooh ride, which was a big disappointment. TJ used his charm (?) to get the fastpass lady to let us in even though we didn’t have fastpasses (because the line was eighty minutes). This, of course, made me feel really guilty for cutting, but it ended up being a lame ride anyway (although it would be fun with alcohol), so I’m glad we didn’t wait in line for it. Rachel mentioned that she got drunk in the parking lot once and then went to Diz, and that it was really fun, so I want to try that sometime.

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