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My mother found a bouquet that looked like Ilse, so she gave it to my grandfather while he was in the hospital last month:

puppy flowers

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Ilse’s first birthday was January 20. We had a party for her, and her friends Penelope and Toby came over to play. Lindsay took pictures:

Ilse's First Birthday

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Ilse went to the vet today, and she’s already 4.7 pounds. That’s huge! She’s more than twice the size that she was two months ago. None of her clothing fits her anymore. I swear she’s like the size of a German Shepherd. So I’m going to start calling her Shep.

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Rob and Abby got a dog. His name is Sir Toby Belch, and of course he’s getting a web site:

And in other news, Ilse is very dapper as she models her new track suit:

Ilse in her track suit

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We got a puppy. Her name is Ilse von Nestorhausen, and she has a web site:

Because every pet should have a web site. That’s what the web was invented for.

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